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Feng Yi Fu
Technology Ltd
Slot Machine

Global Professional

Established In 1995
Over Two Decades
In Taiwan

About Feng Yi Fu

Introduction Feng Yi Fu Technology Ltd. was established in 1995. We specialized in manufacturing various kinds of amusement game machines, and especially focused on coin-operated machines and its accessories. With over decade's experience, we are one of the leading amusement machine manufacturers in Taiwan. Our team has been working in the game board field for years. Our extensive R&D helps us control quality and remain competitive in our industry. Competitive power We accept OEM and ODM and we are sure to meet your needs with our unique products. As we are a direct manufacturer, we can provide high quality products at a reasonable price; we aim to be of service to our customers with our excellent after sales service. We believe these are what contribute to our reputation as one of the best in the industry. Vision Passion for excellence is not only our slogan. We do it. This is why we are one of the leaders in the industry. Your comments can encourage our continued improvement. We are looking forward to your comments.


Best Amusement Machines & Most Interesting Game


The Best Quality And Reasonable Price


100% Made In Taiwan, OEM/ODM Acceptable


Shipment Delivery On Time

Feng Yi Fu Productos

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EN VENTA: Kit sencilla (PCB + Acrylic + Cable) para Mini Ruleta Modelo: FR-03B, 10 juegos de simple kit será libre si la colocación de la orden que 50 juegos.   EN VENTA:   fijado para estos 60 sistemas de simple kit de 2 polillas solamente a partir de ahora. ahora.
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